Why I’ve been a spiritual hobo for a few years

Maybe I'll try church again. Two years ago, I'd been exiled from my church home four months before. One Sunday, I went to a service at a local megachurch, hiding myself in the crowd. And I asked God why I hadn't found a spiritual home yet, if I ever would. And in the dimmed light … Continue reading Why I’ve been a spiritual hobo for a few years

Help my unbelief

I'm often told by friends and blog readers that my "vibrant Christianity" is inspiring, that I "maintain remarkable stability in the face of incredible odds." But I wonder if they'd still say that if they knew the me who sometimes wonders if spirituality is real or just a coping mechanism for survival, the me whose … Continue reading Help my unbelief

He whispers, “I love you.”

You know those moments when God grabs your attention? Seems like it usually happens when you're not expecting it and you feel wholly unprepared. At least if you're like me. I've been in a sort of introspective mood lately anyway, just thinking about things more deeply than usual. Not depressed - just rather...pensive. And I … Continue reading He whispers, “I love you.”